What is Ultimate?

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast growing sport, accommodating to both men and women. We focus on the Spirit of the Game, which means that we don’t use referees and all the calls are self-made. It means that the games are always well-spirited, with everyone playing honestly and fairly. This makes it a safe sport, even in mixed conditions, as dangerous play is ill-advised.

Ultimate Frisbee is played 5v5 indoors and 7v7 outdoors. The way to score is by catching the disc in the endzone. Once you have the disc, you are not allowed to run with it, only pivot around. However, when you’re without the disc, you are expected to run. A lot.

This sport is also more than just physicality as it involves a lot of strategy and brain power in general. There are lots of offensive strats, like vertical stack, horizontal stack, handler resets, etc; and a variety of defensive strats, such as man-to-man defense and zone. This makes the sport more than simply running around randomly and throwing the disc, but also organised teamwork. This knowledge will not come to you all at once, but you will slowly learn them the more you play.

The best part is the Ultimate Frisbee lets you push your limits. You will be tested to reach as high as you can, run as fast as you can and even do some horizontal flying. Check out the highlight reel of professional Ultimate plays below.

The women's team was nominated for the Student Union's Friends Cup Award for the Year 2019/20. Check out our highlight reel below!