Beginner Tournaments

At the beginning of the first term, we send our dedicated beginners to University beginner tournaments, such as SICKO and Warwick Bears. Those eligible to join must be playing for two months or less but will be accompanied by a couple experienced players to act as captains.

These tournaments provides a friendly, but competitive, environment. The best way to learn Ultimate is by playing the sport, so if you’re interested in playing against people at your skill level, fun spirit games and awesome team bonding experiences, let us know and come join us!

Indoor Tournaments

Indoor season occurs during the first term. The tournaments have three categories: mixed, mens and womens, and if we place top in our region, we will get to go to nationals in the second term!

As we try to send two teams, our second team mostly comprises of dedicated beginners wanting to participate in competitive Ultimate. It is a great indoor experience, especially without having to fight the cold weather and windy conditions.

Outdoor Tournaments

Ultimate Frisbee is considered a BUCS sport. For outdoors Ultimate, Mens and Womens have BUCS games throughout the first and second term, which seeds them for outdoor nationals at the end of term 2. Mixed has LUSL games, which we allocate for beginners to gain match experience.

Outdoor ultimate is more challenging, but it opens up the possibilities of great hucks, long endzone runs and epic layouts. The battle with the wind and cold is cruel, but the results are worth it.

We generally try to field promising beginners in BUCS league matches, so do let us know if you’re interested.