About Us

Established in 1998, UCL Silverbacks is an Ultimate Frisbee club at University College London. We’re a competitive team that regularly attends national level competitions and has a strong showing in all divisions, both outdoor and indoor.

We welcome everyone, regardless of whether you're a seasoned ultimate veteran or a complete beginner! We take pride in nurturing our beginners and many of our players go on to play for both local and international clubs.


President Treasurer
Loh Chung Kit Yuxi Loo
Men's Captains Women's Captains
Pavel Stech Tan Kian Leong Claire Huibonhoa Miyen Ho
Social Secretaries
Duncan Rowe Zenn Wong
Welfare Officer Communications Officer Community Outreach Officer
Joseph Hamilton Aris Azlan Ryan Joseph Suit



2018/19 Women's Outdoor Nationals Spirit Champions

2019/19 Women's Outdoor Regionals 2nd Place

2018/19 Men's Outdoor BUC's SouthEast Region Champions

2018/19 Mixed Outdoor Nationals Champions

2018/19 Women's Indoor Regionals 2nd Place

2018/19 Men's Indoor Nationals 2nd Place

2018/19 Men's Indoor Regional Champions

2018/19 Mixed Indoor Nationals 2nd Place

2018/19 Mixed Indoor Regional Champions


2017/18 Men’s Outdoor Nationals Division 1 Spirit Champions

2017/18 Women’s Outdoor Nationals 2nd Place

2017/18 Women’s Outdoor Regionals Champions


2016/17 Women’s Outdoor Nationals Champions


2015/16 Men's Outdoor Division 1A League Champions