About Us

Established in 1997, UCL Silverbacks are an ultimate frisbee club at University College London. We’re a competitive team that regularly attends national level competitions and has a strong showing in all divisions, both outdoor and indoor.

We welcome everyone, regardless whether you're a seasoned ultimate veteran or a complete beginner! We take pride in nurturing our beginners and many of our players go on to play for both local and international clubs.



Joseph Lee


Rohan Tandon

Women's Captain

Alex Thacker

Women's Captain

Phoebe Teo

Men's Captain

Noah Brinkworth

Welfare Officer

Asher Loke

Social Secretary

Louis Smith

Community Outreach Officer

Felicity Leung

Communications Officer

Merle Nunneley



Women's Indoor Nationals 3rd Place

Men's Indoor Regionals Champions

Women's Indoor Regionals Champions

Mixed Indoor Regionals Champions


Women's Outdoor Nationals Spirit Champions

Women's Outdoor Regionals 2nd Place

Men's Outdoor BUC's SouthEast Region Champions

Mixed Outdoor Nationals Champions

Women's Indoor Regionals 2nd Place

Men's Indoor Nationals 2nd Place

Men's Indoor Regional Champions

Mixed Indoor Nationals 2nd Place

Mixed Indoor Regional Champions


Men’s Outdoor Nationals Division 1 Spirit Champions

Women’s Outdoor Nationals 2nd Place

Women’s Outdoor Regionals Champions


Women’s Outdoor Nationals Champions


Men's Outdoor Division 1A League Champions